The Bakery

Just like any bakery, our day starts early. We’re here at 2am—mixing pastry, cooking fillings and baking pies to a tender, golden finish.

Just like any bakery, our bakers combine carefully selected ingredients from scratch using traditional methods, to deliver to you the best quality pies and pastries, every day.

And just like any bakery, we get fresh deliveries. Our deliveries are just a whole lot bigger.

Mrs Mac’s uses a huge variety of premium ingredients:

  • Up to 11 tonnes of beef from farms in Australia each day, most of which we mince and dice ourselves.
  • An average of 20 tonnes of wheat flour ground from premium Australian wheat, and delivered to us every day.
  • Up to 800 kg of frozen and freshly prepared vegetables, delivered every day from local growers where possible.
  • 1 tonne of cheese every day.

Bakery FAQs

Does Mrs Mac's use 100% beef in its products?

Mrs Mac's uses around 11 tonnes of beef per day, sourced from farms throughout Australia. To ensure that we have complete control we mince and ground as much beef as we can in our on-site bakery, with processes to ensure we are getting only the best quality. We do not blend our beef with cheaper, fattier alternatives, nor do we use 'meat replacers' such as soy.

Do Mrs Mac's products contain any allergens?

Where an allergen is definitely there - known, deliberate or from rework - then it is included in the ingredient list. These are listed in the Ingredients List as raw materials and/or specifically detailed after the Ingredients List.

Where an allergen is present on a line there is a very small risk of cross contamination. In this case it is listed as ‘May contain’ in the ingredients list. All packaging contains the statement 'May be present: Egg', as we make a number of egg-based products such as quiche in our bakery.

Are Mrs Mac's products high in trans fats?

Mrs Mac's products contain significantly less trans fats than many competitor products. Our products contain an average of 0.1g/100g of trans fats, some of which is contributed from the pastry and some naturally occurring in the meat and other ingredients. It’s interesting to note that Mrs Mac's is one of the few savoury pastry manufacturers that already includes trans fat values on our packaging.

Why do some of your products contain MSG?

MSG is a flavour enhancer, intended to make good food taste even better. Monosodium glutamate comprises water, sodium and glutamate.

MSG is one of the most extensively researched substances in the food supply chain, with hundreds of studies conducted over many years. Government organisations worldwide support the safety of MSG as a food ingredient, including FSANZ in Australia.  The level of MSG typically found in a Mrs Mac's Beef pie is 0.06%.

Although MSG is not an allergen, a percentage of susceptible individuals may experience sensitivities to a variety of foods. Mrs Mac's has a number of products which contain no added MSG:

Mrs Mac's Range:

  • Curry Pie 
  • Traditional Pastie
  • Old Style Vegetable Pastie
  • Spinach & Ricotta Roll
  • Microwave Pastie
  • GE Beef Pie 200g
  • GE Beef Pie 120g
  • GE Beef Snack Pie
  • GE Sausage Roll
  • GE Cruizer Beef Pie
  • GE Cruizer Beef & Cheese Pie

Do Mrs Mac's products contain GMOs?

Every effort is made to ensure the integrity of the baking process in terms of crop source, animal feed etc. Mrs Mac's do not use any raw materials that require GM labelling under the current Food Standard 1.5.2.

Do you use any pork in your products?

Bacon is used in a number of products, such as our Beef, Cheese & Bacon pie.  Steps are taken to avoid any cross-contamination between products. Mrs Mac's does not use pork or pork derivatives in any products unless specifically stated. This includes all margarines used in the pastry.